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Bruce Reed Collection - Elena Kagan

The Clinton Library has identified and scanned previously released records related to Elena Kagan in the files of Bruce Reed, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. These records related to Elena Kagan were located in the Subject File Series, Welfare Reform Series, and Crime Series. This material is limited to what has been currently identified and should not be considered comprehensive. These records can be defined as material authored/co-authored by Kagan or sent to Kagan. These records consist of memoranda, emails, notes, and clippings. In addition to these documents, ten folders related to Native Americans from the Domestic Policy files of Elena Kagan have been released as part of FOIA case 2006-0197-F (Native Americans segment 3). These folders are currently available in the research room at the Clinton Presidential Library and will be posted on this website in the near future.

These documents are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
Click here for a free copy of Acrobat Viewer.

To access the individual folders please click on the folder link underlined and in blue.

Bruce Reed - Crime Series

Box 80
Assault Weapons

Bruce Reed - Welfare Reform Series

Box 6

Box 15

Bruce Reed - Subject File Series

Box 97
Abortion Doc 1, Abortion Doc 2, Abortion Doc 3

Box 102
Campaign Finance

Box 105
Civil Rights Doc 1, Civil Rights Enforcement Doc 1,
Civil Rights Enforcement Doc 2, Cloning

Box 109
Event - Ideas, Events

Box 111
Hate Crimes Doc 1, Hate Crimes Doc 2

Box 114
Ideas Doc 1, Ideas Doc 2, Ideas Doc 3, Ideas Doc 4

Box 115
Immigration - INS, Immigration Doc 1, Immigration Doc 2, Immigration Doc 3,
Immigration Doc 4, Immigration Doc 5, Indian Gaming [Tobacco]

Box 122
Native Americans, Needle Exchange

Box 124
Race - Book Doc 1, Race - Book, Race Commission Doc 1,
Race Initiative Doc 1, Race Initiative Doc 2, Race Initiative Doc 3,
Race Initiative Doc 4, Race Initiative Doc 5, Race Initiative Doc 6,
Race Initiative Doc 7, Race Initiative Doc 8, Race Initiative Doc 9,
Race Initiative Doc 10, Race Initiative Doc 11, Race Initiative Doc 12,
Race Initiative Doc 13, Race Initiative Doc 14, Race Initiative Doc 15,
Race Initiative Doc 16, Race Initiative Doc 17, Race Initiative Doc 18,
Race Initiative Doc 19


The document is presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
Click here for a free copy of Acrobat Viewer.


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