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The Clinton Museum Tour—Second floor

Orientation Theater

view of interior of orientation theater

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

Your first stop on the second floor is usually the Orientation Theater.  This popular 12 minute film is narrated by President Clinton and tells the story of his life and presidency.



Campaign items on exhibit in Clinton Library

{Clinton Library photo, 2010}

When you leave the Orientation Theater, you will come to the “Campaign” exhibit that tells the story of President Clinton’s presidential campaigns with objects, text and video.


Cabinet Room

Cabinet room reproducition with table and chairs

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

In the replica of the White House Cabinet Room, visitors can use touch screen computers to learn about the members of President Clinton’s cabinet and also about some issues faced by the cabinet.




Pier holding blue boxes of archival collections 

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

The Museum displays 4,536 blue boxes containing presidential records.  The records in these boxes represent approximately 2 - 3% of our entire collection which we estimate at approximately 80 million pages. 



 View of the museum and the timeline

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

This photo shows the timeline exhibits on the second floor of the Library’s main museum.  Each of the 8 blue panels running up the middle of the room focuses on one year in the Clinton Administration.


 The 1997 timeline

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

This is the 1997 timeline.  Information on the timeline includes events that happened around the world, and events that the Clinton administration dealt with.  The blue binders at the lower right contain copies of President Clinton’s daily schedules that visitors can browse.



The Putting People First alcove on the second floor of the museum

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

This is the “Putting People First” alcove.  The alcove exhibits extend on the outer walls on both sides of the timeline.  The alcoves cover the Clinton administration topically, rather than chronologically, using artifacts, documents and photos.


The "Protecting the Earth" alcove

{Clinton Library photo, 2005}

This is the “Protecting the Earth” alcove.  


The "Work of the First Lady" exhibit

{Clinton Library photo, 2005} 

The “Work of the First Lady” alcove.




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