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 "Nathan Sawaya: Art of the Brick "

(September 26– February 12, 2012)

Changing Exhibit Gallery on the 3rd Floor.  This exhibit shows the amazing detail work of Nathan Sawaya.

view of exhibit

 Introductory video with Figures and Tyler Declaration. 

viwe of exhibit

Tyler and Stone copies of the Declaraton of Independence with Figures and detail photos. 

view of exhibit

Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Peggy Shippen Arnold and Benedict Arnold.

view of exhibit

Madisons, Monroe, Adams Family group as well as Jefferson, Franklin and the Arnolds.

View of exhibitCivil War era arti-facts and docu-ments.

view of the exhibit

Arkansas Declaration of Secession, Confederate Constitution and Civil War era letters

view of exhibit Civil War artifacts, and Figures of Civil War era players.










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